RCA’s Mission

Our mission is to facilitate debt-free economic development in Africa by connecting African countries directly to international capital markets and helping them invest directly in their own economic development using only the natural resource as the financing tool or capital, hence the name Resources Capital Africa, which emphasises our underlying dictum for Africa’s new economic strategy in this millennium: ‘your resource is your capital’.

Our operating philosophy is to domesticate investment domicillium in Africa so that both the income and the profits from natural resource based production will be appropriated by Africa for reinvestment in economic development; a radical game changer that is set to put Africa at par with the developed world in mainstreaming local direct investment (LDI) as the driver of economic development, growth and prosperity.

Who we are

We are innovative development strategists with an objective to encourage, facilitate and create new trade and investment partnerships between Africa and the developed world that are truly transformational and not enslaving for Africa.

Our approach promotes mutually facilitatory North-South collaboration in trade and investment reciprocity that delivers growth and prosperity simultaneously both to Africa’s populations and to its more developed northern partners in relationships where; there is no junior or senior partner; there is no giver or receiver of aid; no party is taking unfair advantage of the other; each party gains hugely from facilitating the success of the other party; neither party ends up in servile indebtedness to the other; there is no loser and everyone’s a winner!

The Principle behind our model

The RCA model is anchored on the principle that trade and investment partnerships create the best win-win outcomes for both parties when:

  • Both parties equally need and value what each brings to the table;
  • The parties’ objectives in the partnership are complimentary; and
  • The relationship is mutually symbiotic: in order to thrive, each party needs what the other has to offer and therefore both parties can hugely benefit from facilitating each other’s success.
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Africa’s objectives now:

The North’s objectives now:

These North and South objectives are mutually sustaining, as what the South needs for its success can be supplied by the North and vice versa. So, by combining their comparative advantages the two sides can facilitate each other in achieving their economic objectives through collaborative investment and trade partnerships that will enable both to prosper. With the South’s resources driving the world’s economy, our approach views North and South like Siamese twins sharing the same heart, and that heart is in Africa and the South.

This is a new symbiotic form of economic collaboration in which each party seeks and facilitates the survival and success of the other to assure its own survival, growth and prosperity.

RCA’s collaborative platform and interface facilitates North-South trade and investment reciprocity that is specifically designed to achieve exactly that.​

The Resources Capital Africa Collaborative Platform


The RCA collaborative platform is a business-oriented interface for solving Africa’s investment problems in the natural resources sector with the object to generate rapid economic development using a new model of North-South collaboration that facilitates production activities on both sides through which all collaborating parties can achieve their growth objectives.

To achieve its mission, RCA aligns and amalgamates objectives of the collaborating parties: governments, export promotion agencies, international banks and contractors in a mutually assistive project-focused partnership that delivers concrete financial and economic benefits to the collaborating parties.

So, what do the partners get from participation on the RCA collaborative platform?


African Countries

Facilitation of African governments to invest directly in natural resources extraction and exploitation projects themselves as owners, thereby appropriating all the net proceeds of resource extraction and generating new streams of government revenues that will help Africa switch from financing development from debt to using own resources.

As governments will appropriate the entire net wealth created from mineral production rather than just tax (which is only a derivative of corporate profit), this model has the potential to increase treasury revenues from resources extraction three or four fold.


Financing Partners

Benefit from an independent interface on which they can freely offer assistive guidance in the structuring of deliverable, operationally viable projects that meet their lending requirements.

This approach creates new markets and growth of investment portfolios and works better than simply doing due diligence on projects that may have already been poorly planned and structured.


Export Promotion Agencies

Deliver growth to your national economy by directly facilitating demand growth in the countries to which your industries can export their goods or services.

Supporting resources extraction projects both generates exports of plant and equipment for production and secures opportunities to import the commodities produced.


International Suppliers and Contractors

Create and grow new export markets for their products and services by collaborating in facilitating projects to which they sell those products and services to.


Mining / Mineral Production Off-take Buyers

By becoming early stakeholders in the facilitation of resources extraction projects, production off-take buyers secure guaranteed new supply sources from the initial stages of project development.

Synergy at its best!

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